Future Minds, the Higher
Education Hub



Future Minds takes pride in encompassing the global village of higher education into a single exhibition entailing a one stop shop concept which facilitates the students and their families with a comprehensive range of services required to complete their higher education aspirations. With the extensive relationships built with the Higher Education Fraternity and the trust placed in the expo by the student community Future Minds is set to create a highly productive exchange on all that is Higher Education yet again in 2022.


Be a platform on which the ambitious Sri Lankan family can survey new vistas of world class higher education and shape the dream careers of their progeny


To facilitate communication amongst students, parents, teachers, higher educational institutes and the educational services sector, in discovering various higher educational avenues so that students can plan their future effectively

Family centric Career Planning

Students are encouraged to visit the exhibition with the family as experience illustrates many benefits in visiting the expo as a family unit. Parental guidance, increased awareness of financing options and costs, and more space for committing to a decision on a higher education option are some of the observed desirable effects. Attracting family units to the expo will also be an objective and relevant aspects will be geared towards this end.

Since the inception to success….

Future Minds started with humble beginnings in 2006 with the Motto of “No one left behind”. Roughly 75 Educational Institutes took part in 2006 and since then Future Minds Exhibition has rapidly grown with 150+ institutes while ensuring the quality of the crowd to the Exhibition.

Future Minds introduced first ever Virtual experience in Higher Educational Exhibitions in Sri Lanka, while launching Future Minds Virtual Exhibition in 2018.

Experience the 365 days, 24 hours